Thursday 19 July 2012

iFIL™ Launch Party 2012

For the release of our most recent album INTERNET FREEDOM IS LOVE we created a social network called iFIL™.
iFIL™ made the news (see HERE) and we created a series of videos to promote the greatest innovation in social media. You can view the videos HERE, HERE and HERE.

We launched iFIL™ and the album with a party at iFIL™ Towers in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.


Jack Webber was our CEO and he will welcome you to view the photos from the evening like he welcomed us on the night...

From time to time I sit in my office and listen to rain hit the window. Pitter, patter, pitter. I
logon to the iFIL mainframe and tap in to the incredible network of iFIL lovers. It feeds me,
listening to everybody, I feel so connected, I feel so free, so loved. I want you to feel what I
feel, to be inside the network with me. Let's literally step into the magical online world of iFIL interaction. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a world where internet freedom is love...

"There it is in black in white! people that are comfortable with being internet
stalked, and with the corporate acquisition of their information, have clearly transcended
privacy and have thereby achieved a higher, more meaningful, level of being."


"Fists to the sky, not taking no shit!"

Jack talking about value of iFIL™ shares.
Jack Webber mingles...

iFIL is offering investment opportunities

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