Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Stephen Dedalus is My Homeboy Video

We're filming a video for our tune Stephen Dedalus is My Homeboy this weekend. Got a great team and we're highly excited. The photogenic Phill Jones will be on acting duties.

Here's our explanation of the tune:

Stephen Dedalus is the protagonist of James Joyce's somewhat autobiographical novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I consider him a 'homeboy' because I identify with the character and the symbolism embedded in his name. Much like the mythic craftsman Daedalus, Stephen must craft 'wings' of words to escape his current lot in Ireland. Like his namesake Saint Stephen, Joyce's alter ego could also be viewed as a martyr - but to art. Stephen Dedalus is My Homeboy is a song about struggling to justify the inherent selfishness of being an artist. I wrote it at a time (much like today) that I had no money and all my high school friends were beginning to earn extraordinary salaries (90 grand!). The title of the song is a resolve that says "Hey Steve, I got your back. You and me be doin' it for beauty and love." The lyrics of the song are less confident. In reality the artist oscillates between resolution and self-doubt, hence this song, viewed in its entirety, is a PORTRAIT of the artist as a small-time indie pop music maker.

One location shot from the clip. Greek myths, great hills, posters & concrete...

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