Sunday, 1 July 2012

Utopia in Williamsburg (Video)

This is the second video from our album INTERNET FREEDOM IS LOVE. Utopia in Williamsburg is directed by Jesse Taylor Smith who did our Kate Bush video.

Utopia in Williamsburg is about raising one's fist to the sky and recognising the power and glory of an autonomous life.

"Could we create the most beautiful love?
Did we ever run fully clothed into water...?

                                *                                         *                                     *

We've just returned from our Australian tour. We would like to thank all the bands who played with us and the kind people who let us sleep on their floors/couches/stage. We would also like to warmly thank everyone who came down and checked out a show. Here's a list of the bands we played with: The Rescue ShipsColour CodingThe Book of ShipsSleep DecadeMoonbase CommanderThe KabinetsTelafonicaLeaksAinslie WillsThese Patterns.

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Hula said...

Beautiful video! And Andy's axe!