Saturday, 28 August 2010


The Hemperium is a hemp themed bar, a sunfilled bar and patio beside the motorway. Herman our host flys gliders for a hobby and has since he was 14 years old. After soundcheck he took us for a walking tour of Ulm. Ulm was heavily bombed during the war but the cathedral was spared. Albert Einstein was born in Ulm. The famous tailor of Ulm built a flying machine and launched himself off a big platform to cross the Danube. He failed but he lived.

Herman seemed to know everyone. We met some ladies on a hens night and the boys had to sing the tune from the A team. Herman our host told us to help ourselves to a buffet of hemp spezler, hemp pesto, salad, falafel and chips, and brought us hemp beer and mate soft drink.

We played well, late. After more party, we retired to camp beds in the restaurant downstairs. Ben, giving up his sleeping bag and campbed for a friend, slept on a bar bench, using his drum mat for a blanket. Noble man.

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