Friday, 27 August 2010


We spent a couple of days in Berlin, with dear friends old and new, cooking us delicious curry, drawing maps to 2 euro pizza and falafel, taking us on bike rides on wide streets, leading us to lovely canals.

We left for a night to Hamburg, and for our show Friday night we arrived comfortably, like yes, this is just where we should be.

Madame Claude is a great place, with furniture stuck to the ceiling to make you feel upside down, and people from all over the world conversing together. We were preceded by the soft electronic and heartfelt lyrics of locals Elephant vs Whale. When we played the small cellar room was full with people, and we all sweated together. The venue is strictly drum free: not even tambourines are allowed. Drumless I found it hard to relax into it at first, keeping hearing what was missing. It made for a different show, more quiet, and like we were all listening harder. I shook the egg as hard as I could, Ben and Lake keyboarded and guitared with extra rhythm, and the audience clapped their hands and slapped their thighs. It was a wonderful time.

Thanks Kareen and Christoph, and Annie, for your kind hosting!

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Rachel Hansen said...

I want a photo of the bar with the furniture stuck to the roof!