Monday, 30 August 2010

Paradise: Switzerland

Our friends Monica and Matt, formerly of Wellington, arranged this gig for us in their pretty home town of Bishopschell. It was so nice! After some delicious pizza, we played at 7pm - what felt like a very dignified hour for a Sunday evening. Paul opened his pub, Jambalaya, especially for us, and Monica and Matt provided the gear and brought all their friends and family along. It was a good show, more chilled out than usual due to the Sundayness, and also the fact it was our fourth show in as many days. Everyone was kind and generous and cool. We wanted to live in the Swiss countryside too.

We stayed at Matt and Monica's that night, a huge former cheese factory for them and their friends, beside a river for swimming when it's not unseasonably cold like it was when we were there. We had tea and slept soundly. In the morning we were awoken by Monica's mum, bearing big bags and talking in Swiss German. She had brought us delicious food – so much food – for our journey. It was like Christmas.

On the journey we talked about how we loved Switzerland, how everyone is so kind and everything is so pretty. We arrived at Fribourg, another beautiful town by the river, to other dear friends. We has last stayed two weeks earlier, as a stop on our long journey from Bordeaux to Prague. Then, they had cooked us a delicious barbeque on the river after a swim, and the heat had suddenly broken in to heavy rain, and we'd walked the streets of the old town with the bells ringing and then the fireworks firing for the Swiss national day.

This time, Miga and Celine made us raclette, and we sat around a high-tech device where you could fry stuff on the grill, and melt cheese in little pans below the grill, and then you poured it all on boiled potatoes.


shaggy said...

mmm Cheese.

Rachel Hansen said...

I am very jealous - raclette is my favourite meal in the whole entire world. I sometimes see the cheese here in NZ, and it's about a billion dollars a kilo, and then I sigh and think it wouldn't taste quite the same outside of Europe anyway...