Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hamburg, porty city!

In Hamburg it rained. We walked through a ceramic tunnel under the river, and played Frisbee in port places.

After sound check our kind host Zucke (sp?) took us to our apartment.

Our apartment! It was beds on the second floor of a corner building nearby. It was wallpapered with the posters of the bands that had played in the venue, Molotow. I sat in the big windows and looked at the people in the park. All the people were goodlooking and stylish, and the grafitti too. It was hard to leave our Band Apartment, but needs must. We found our way past a glowing carnival back to Die Reeperbahn, a main-drag-feeling kind of street with lots of shops erotisches.

It was a nice little bar called Meanie Bar. Everyone sat down, and listened hard. We sold our CDs and the only ones we have left will be homemade ones artistically decorated with highlighter.

After, a long night which involved a lot of talking, some getting lost and some falafel.

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Anonymous said...

Yo guys, its Chris from Nozstock and Swansea and Scotland and The Pooh Sticks, that photo of your bed...The Twilight Sad are my mates from Glasgow, you should check them out, there amazing. love love love xxxx