Monday, 16 August 2010

Urbantramper in Bordeaux (DJ set)

We drove South(ish) along with most of the population of Paris. We arrived travel-weary at the end of the long day and Bordeaux revived us, with its cobbled streets and friendly shopkeepers. Marina, El Boqueron’s owner, arrived and gave us cold drinks and we put the tables out on the street with her. The boys tried to figure out the sound desk and I drew a picture. Marina gave us rizoni and the neverending flow of delicious red wine began. Suddenly, the people arrived to fill the small bar. Attentive people who clapped their hands, whooped, and danced.

After the show we began our DJ set with great excitement. Highlights included: The Herbs (French Letter, of course), Animal Collective, Roy Orbison, Serge Gainsbourg, Goeorge Boissons, the Ruby Suns, the Cure, and Tracy Chapman (Fast Car - we won Marina`s heart with this one).

The delightful people who had watched our show became our dancefloor companions and intimate friends for the night, continuing hours after the bar was offically closed and the smoking began at 2am. Our hosts were marvelously attentive, always checking on our thirst: “Vouz avez soif?”, “Oui, un peu...”

We walked home through beautiful streets to Thierry’s apartment, the great man and bassist in such bands as Kiss Kiss Karate Passion and Shunatao, and he gave us delicious breads and cheeses and comfortable mattresses. When we awoke, more.

Bordeaux had been kind to us and it was sad to leave. But we were due in Prague, 17,000 kilometres away, for a gig in three days.


Rimu said...

Loving your blog guys. Keep it up :)

Rachel Hansen said...

I am loving it too!
Eli, I love it that you get to draw a picture while the boys are put to work ; )