Monday, 16 August 2010


We had a good time in Paris. I spent some time thinking about all the things one’s supposed to see in Paris, and a lot of time sitting in a cafe called Assasin.

It was just down the road from our friend Alain’s apartment. The first night we slept on the cold concrete floor, the second two we slept on mattresses that we found on the street, which grossed Alain out a bit, but he accepted us just the same.

It was an exciting place to stay. We witnessed Montmatre, the Eiffel Tower, a fire, and several arguments from Alain’s balcony.

Later, we witnessed wine and cheese on the banks of the nearby canal, along with lots of other drunkards.

I loved our gig. We could walk there from Alain’s apartment. We put the mic stands and the pole-things that keep the drums together in a tartan wheely thing that Alain has, potentially to get things from the market. They gave us pasta, cheese, salad, and three drinks. Friends new and old showed up, along with many other friendly people, who said nice things to us. L’alimentacion Generale has free gigs all the time, what good folks! People watched the show attentively, clapping their hands. We tried out our French banter. I accidentally told people we buy CDs, rather than we sell CDs. People bought them anyway. I told them they were tres cool.

After our show it was straight on to rock and roll and excellent dancing. French people are hot.

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