Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Alright mate? (London)

Finally we were joined by Ben!

We had three gigs around London.

At the Brixton Windmill, with its dog on the roof and Our Lost Infantry, and late for soundcheck carrying all our gear on the airless tube on the hottest of days, but later relieved by red wine and good people.

The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell with the lovely Mary Lane and her Vinyls from Paris and very kind sound-guy. This was my favourite gig, in a great venue with a support band that matched us well, and everyone lounging on black leather couches in the cellar listening, and then standing out on the street in the hot night. We ate half-price chip butties, and talked to our London friends and French people.

The third show was part of the Flea Circus at the Candid Arts Centre in Camden town. This is an evening put on quarterly by our charming former keyboardist George and his friends - the Tea Fuelled Art collective. It is a long evening of entertainment in the form of short films, stand-up comedians, musical comedians, story-telling, art around and in the gallery upstairs. People sit around candle-lit tables. It’s so nice to be comfortable and taking in all these different forms of art in an evening. The Penny Dreadfuls’ sketches were particularly genius to me. Our show was sparse but reasonably genius as well.

We had such kind hosts in and around London. Thanks to Ann, Oly, David, Yael, Alistair, Megan, Bob, George and Jamie and family. Thanks to Cambridge, Maidstone, Camberwell, Hackney, Stockwell, Clapham and Kensington.


Anonymous said...

Loving the blog and the classic BW couch pic

Shaggy said...

Blog more! Your adoring fans await your every breath..... x