Thursday, 29 July 2010

Taking Nozstock

Noztock is in Herefordshire in England. This was our first gig of the tour.

Here is the drive there:

I loved the stone walls and green fields and trees and public footpaths through these places.

Here is Lake putting up a tent:

Pre-gig conference: “How are we going to control the Urbantramper fans?”

It was good to be among the free spirits:

Now Lake’s at the Bandstand stage, looking at the friendly sound guy and the man with the vacuum cleaner:

The gig was great. Afterwards we talked to the nice people listening:

Then we went to listen to one of the headline acts, the Blockheads (“Hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me!”) and met Bob, who loved Lake:

All in all, it was a great day. We were honoured to play at such a festival filled with friendly people.

Just kidding! We came on purpose.

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Eliza said...

Great photos and commentary. Looking forward to the European section appearing at very regular intervals - daily?