Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Grand Plan.

I'd had the idea for running through the city holding sparklers for a couple of years. Finally the planets aligned: Antoine got a couple of nights off from delivering pizzas, guyfawkes happened, the incessant rain stopped AND the van started. Anna sorted out the details and Gray agreed to drive. Our soccer team, The Mount Vic Bogans, happened to have a particularly intense game of five-a-side at Nairn St park the night before filming. Probably on the way to making an illegal tackle, or taking some wild shot at goal, I was involved in an epic battle and managed seriously injure my thigh. This obviously hindered my ability to stride throughout Wellington's landmarks belting out the refrain "This could be the luck we're looking for...".

It seemed, however, that the luck we were looking for took the form of some great pain killers from a certain eye-patched friend. Game On!

We would like to thank Antoine, Anna, Gray and everyone who danced in the freezing cold wind trying to light our increasingly precious supply of sparklers. 

My Grand Plan can be downloaded here:

We're currently filming a video clip for a track from our new album Utopia in Williamsburg. Internet Freedom is Love will be out on May 10.

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