Monday, 29 August 2011

Kate Bush Saved My Life (New Single)

artwork by Georgie Flood

Mid-winter. Nantes, France. There's talk of snow but some say the air is too cold. I hope for some white to give life to the grey. I see familiar faces and am mistaken. I am poorly from over-indulgence in the local drink. And my heart is broken. From the nothern entrance of the train station I board the TGV bound for Paris. I'm anxious about changing trains.  I take some ibuprofen and await partial relief. My journey will end with good friends across from the SIKA factory outside of Fribourg. Still I'm overcome by fear and there's a heaviness holding me down. I take my faulty mp3 player out of my bag and curse the person who sold it to me. I regard the songs with boredom and disdain. I reach K and choose the album “Hounds of Love”... The train departs...slowly builds up speed.... My head clears...the toms begin pounding the beat to 'Running up that hill'.
On the paper of my pain aux raisins I write...

“Ride this high speed train leave our pain
Tomorrow never came in the Great North
It was nothing like we thought.
Action brings good times and takes lives
The white sky bleached our dreams for that town
we're on a beeline for better days
Plown fields and naked trees pass by me
bid farewell and submit to the spell
feel a holistic human heart
Kate bush guides by thoughts of granduer
She takes her shoes off and throws them in a lake
she saved my life
as I flee on this TGV...
Beeline for Better Days”

Urbantramper - Kate Bush Saved My Life

Kate Bush Saved My Life (Listen and Download above -free for a week) is our latest single. It is part of a collection of work (to be released in early 2012) united by the concept of Utopia.

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EddTurtle said...

Brilliant Song :)