Sunday, 28 November 2010

"How to be a foreign artist in France during the 2010 winter - Email II"

thomas jaunism ( Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 17:15 PM
To: Lake (
Subject: Yo!

Hey bro,

Thought I'd give you a summary of my week...

Kate commented on the extraordinary size of the leaves on my street.

I noticed that they'd cleaned the leaves from the yard at my work.

I was nearly hit twice by cars on the way to the organic supermarket near my flat. My anger grew.

I solved the mystery of the open window in my kitchen.

I met a German with a perfect french accent and lost all hope in my ability to speak foreign languages.

I tested a kid on his english. He couldn't speak a word more than hello. “c'est pas mon truc Monsier...” We carried on with the exercise regardless and he told me about his favourite things. He did judo and he loved judo. I couldn't quite grasp what he disliked at first...Then I worked it out and we shared a understanding than was beyond the both of us. “So...What don't you like?”
“ur...the judging... the judgement of people...Me and you... we're the same...”
I wished him good luck for the Judo and basked in a rekindled warmth of what is right and true.

A tragedy occurred down a mine in New Zealand. I watched the Prime Minister make a speech on the internet and was moved to tears.

Regained faith in my aptitude for foreign languages after talking to a woman from the US named Rose.

Love to you and yours...


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