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"How to be a foreign artist in France during the 2010 winter - One side of the dialogue between Thomas Jaunism and Lake"

thomas jaunism ( Sun, Nov 20, 2010 at 16:06 PM
To: Lake (
Subject: How's it?

Hey bro...

Things are pretty sweet here. I'm still working on my new novel. It's a romance between a struggling writer and the girlfriend of the lead singer of the band he manages. It ends badly. I'm also writing short stories for my blog, slowly learning the art of the blog post. It's a great medium.

Good to hear that you're writing some new songs. Send me an Mp3 or two. I've also tried my hand penning a song. It's called “The theme-song of Thomas Jaunism” and is inspired by actual events.

I live close to a river and it's so fucking vast it buzzes me out. I fight an overwhelming urge to join it's flow with every crossing. Yesterday I traversed this river and remembered what an elder told me when I was a teenager. I currently teach some adolescents to earn my keep in France. Their boredom is contagious and their aversion to learning gets me down. Perhaps it was the observation of such indifference that compelled a kind, middle-aged, family woman to remark to my teenage self, “These are the best years of your life you know?”.

As of this year, I've authored four novels and two novelettes. The TK city council have just finished erecting a statue in my honour. I'm currently in talks with a production company that has agreed to air my sit-com based on a dole office in Wellington. I have regular sex and can afford to buy a six-pack of beer whenever I want.

So as I crossed the river I reflected on what that woman had said. I walked toward a Friday night knowing more than I had ever known. Being more experienced and more complete than I've ever been. We veer from the track but still we advance. To paraphrase the RZA, 'we zig and we zag but we always goin' forward...' I recalled my younger self being so depressed at the fact that high school could be the peak of my existence. I remembered believing in a better future.

I can safely say that adolescence wasn't my best work. And that last Friday night wasn't my best work either. You'll understand this as a songwriter -but we can also apply the logic to our daily lives and our daily selves. We create to find something better, but our previous creations are crucial building blocks for our future. Thus we overcome the problem of disappointment and dissatisfaction, and rejoice in the contentment of progress and its rewards.

We all have our purpose. The masters inspired me to start and the erroneously encouraged inspire me to continue...
On se tien au courant...


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