Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Gerardmer: the last show of the tour

We were delighted with Gerardmer, Alsace, France. We left the highway from Brussels (via a bonus country, Luxembourg, with its lovely park) and were guided down smaller and smaller roads until we reached a beautiful lake, a lovely town, with trees and mountains, all around. We set up at le Grattoir and soundchecked with the wonderful owners Joe and Pascal, and eagerly headed towards the lake.

It was our first swim of the tour, and beautifully warm and still. We returned for dinner at 8.30pm, quiche and chips and salad cooked by the charming Patricia, and in wonderful company. We learned that this is a holiday town, sailing in the summer, skiing and iceskating in the winter. We learned that at the moment, at 18 degrees, everyone thinks the water is freezing cold. We learned that 8,000 people live here, and that the size can triple in the holiday weeks. I felt sad that this was the last show. We played, and talked to the nice people. The bar is the ground floor of an old hotel. We slept in the old rooms upstairs, with a ghostly feel and wonderful decor. Look at the amazing ceiling I got to wake up to:

Now it's the end of the tour. I tried to encourage those men, but in the end these blogs are all by me. Looking back, I think they are fairly accurate. Tour was basically just this with: more frisbee, more games in the car, more waiting, more confusion, more exhiliration. We loved it. Thank you. We wish bliss for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog Guys, sounds like you had a rad! time, CYA soon

shaggy said...

This tour blog was awesome Eli, I miss you guys so much!

Eliza said...

Loved the blog Eli. Sounds like a great tour. So who got it right? (Prague)