Monday, 23 August 2010


It was good to return to Germany. Our approximately 15 German words (collectively) take us much further. It’s just two hours to Dresden from Prague, and we arrived to an apartment of our own, kindly lent to us by our friend Tino while he’s cycling Poland. It was nice to spread out, to clean ourselves and our clothes and cook food.

We met the kind locals lending us gear for night and found Veranderbar.. My favourite place. The warm hosts Anya and Ky gave us tea with knitted cupwarmers (see above). It was furnished with old mismatched and beautiful things and there was a garden. I could have sat there all day. But Dresden was beautiful outside too, with people out everywhere in the sun, looking nice. Then we played and the people were just as great.

I liked everything so much, I started gushing about it all. When banter goes bad. Later, we lit the fire, as we say in our French banter, with the dancy songs. At the end of it all, someone on the dancefloor called the encore for Wishing Bliss, and when we began, people had signs, saying Eating and Brocolli and Eating and Properly and they all lined up with them dancing. Dresden, you are too good! When the venue closed we joined some of the dresdeners on a warm veranda til late, and we thought about how we loved Dresden.

The next day was spent mainly lying around. Too much lighting the fire, no fuel for more. Ben made very peppery soup, and we walked along the lovely river to the old city, small and rebuilt after terrible bombing at the end of the war. There was opera in the old square, and we listened in the mist.

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Lemi said...

yes one of the few times when I've gone over board with the pepper