Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Workers' Album: "All that is solid melts into air"

Artwork by Josh Morgan (click to view larger image)

This album was written whilst Lake was working in Melbourne circa 2005. The songs were inspired by austere workplaces, meaningless employment, magnanimous workmates and disagreeable employers.

We'll be posting the whole album up here for free download over next while (feel free to donate using the paypal link on the right)...If you'd like, you can order a CD copy by emailing us at: $5 + p&p

The disk is also available at Slow Boat records in Wellington.

DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM BELOW (you can donate us some money using the pay pal button on the right)

Song 1: Marching Song

Song 2: For a 30 hr Working Week

Song 3: A Robot in the Seat

Song 4: Drinking Song

Song 5: Factory Song

Song 6: Ode to the Public Servant

Song 7: When Sarah Smiles...


Relique Vintage Jewellery said...

This is fantastic - you guys sound great! All the best for your future success.

Kolja said...

hi lake!
thanks so much for this beautiful piece of music! im really enjoying it right now. :)
planning on any gigs in germany?
would love to see you guys again!
take care!