Thursday, 11 March 2010

iNSIDE JAUNISM: part V (The final instalment)

Thomas on his local throne.

Well the interview series with our manager, Thomas Jaunism from Te Kuiti(TK), has come to an end. We hope you've all enjoyed getting to know the complex and intriguing man who means so much to us. Should you like to learn more about Thomas, do not be afraid to approach him at one our gigs. He will invariably be wearing ripped jeans, an un-ironed 'retro' shirt, stubble, a hat of some description, and a come-hither smile...

Listen to/download the latest installment here: iNSIDE JAUNISM: part V

Update: Thomas is currently in negotiations with at least 5 top publishing houses. They all want to publish his autobiography 'From TK to TJ - Making A Name For Myself In The Big Time'. It's Thomas' inside view of the rise of Urbantramper. From the infamous two day benders to 'that show' at the Tug Boat last year -Thomas tells it like it was. Unforgiving and uncut -just like rock & roll memoirs should be.

Thomas wanted to request that fan mail be sent electronically:

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