Thursday, 15 October 2009

Urbantramper to write and record their next album "Under urgency".

Photo by Aaron Burgess.

Press Release: Lake, the lead singer from indie/folk/pop band Urbantramper, has announced today that he is to write and record the band’s new album ‘under urgency’. He says that the rest of the band, along with Urbantramper listeners, will have until tomorrow to give feedback on the songs. Lake will then record them later tomorrow evening.
“I have some important musical ideas that need to be expressed as soon as possible. They are extremely relevant to the present time and need to released by next week.”
When questioned about whether the songs would suffer without the expert opinions of his bandmates Lake said, “They have until tomorrow morning to give feedback. Anyway, what do they know? The bass lines, drum beats and horn lines are easy to write, it’s going to sound f*%cking sweet!”
Lake clearly lacked regard for his listeners too. “They have ‘til tomorrow like everyone else. I mean I hinted at this three months ago. They should be able to infer from my experiences over the last while what I’m going to write about.”
Urbantramper listeners are unhappy about the move, saying Lake is only writing for himself. Fansite spokesperson John Kahu is, however, not surprised, “he’s done it before and he’ll do it again. We’re just sad about the music- which inevitably suffers. And when people listen to crap music they end up having a crap time, which leads to host of other problems.”
Kahu says he will continue to support Urbantramper for now. “I just love Lake’s rat’s tail.”

What is Urgency?

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