Friday, 7 August 2009

Olympic Theme 2012 (Free Download)

We were first approached by a certain retired sprinter in 2006. He was the new 'rogue' head of the Olympic artistic strategy team at that time and, needless to say, he has since been made redundant.

He spoke of the Olympics being about winning at any cost. 'The glory of the goal, the devastation of defeat'. I appeared to be listening intently, though verily, I was lost in a deep reverie...I pictured myself running like a Gazelle (I often compare myself to a gazelle) through crowded streets, arms raised to the sky as if to invite exultance.

I left him mid sentence and proceeded to write this song.

It was subsequently recorded in Shoreditch, London. It features: George (piano), Ian (Bass), Joe (Drums) and the usual suspects...

We hope you enjoy it.

Free Download: Olympic Theme 2012

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