Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Urgency triumphs over democracy!

National is the new government in power in Aoetearoa. They have recently passed a few acts under urgency. The bills below were passed without being sent to Select Committee- where public consultation takes place. The taxation bill was passed without giving anyone a chance to read it before debate took place...

The bills are as follows:

*The Employment Relations Amendment Bill (the one where you have no rights for your first 90 days of employment)

*Electricity (Renewable Preference) Repeal Bill (building more coal power plants...)

*Energy (Fuels, Levies, and References) Biofuel Obligation Repeal Bill (Don't worry about supplying Biofuels...)

*Taxation (Urgent Measures and Annual Rates) Bill (There's no bill digest on this one, so you can see the bill's history here or read the green view here)

keep informed...

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Peter said...

Gosh who would have thought those mild mannered Tories would turn out to be such demons... :)
Keep up the good work Lake and Eli
Pete F