Thursday, 19 February 2009

I want to be a public servant...

Late in the night I am woken by a recurring fear. All reason is overcome by a great sadness...And all is lost.

I chant past mantras to keep myself sane. A dialogue for everyone:

me: I am love and happiness

you: Am I love and happiness?

me: Yes you are love and happiness too...

them: And us? Are we love and happiness?

All: We are all love and happiness.

A small smile emerges in the dark, an inner warmth. It is fleeting... We are only animals who think too much...But we have this great capacity feel. So much feeling in a world without meaning. Then it's O.K. Once I remember it's all meaningless everything's sweet because nothing matters. But there's still the social responsibility thing and that's important. And then there's meaning again, as life becomes meaningful when one works with others for good. I have great admiration for public servants, one day I hope to be considered one. Here's a tune:
I want to be a public servant.mp3

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