Friday, 5 September 2008

Day 7..Show 3: Hannover

Gig number 3 today, and our first in Germany. People have sniggered when we’ve mentioned Hannover so we’re apprehensive, but curious. We arrive at Kulturpalast Linden to be greeted gruffly in German by an old dude telling us not to enter (we find out later he’s paid 1 euro a day- on top of his dole- to help at the bar, kind of a work for the dole scheme, I think). We wait until the sound guy arrives and all is well. The promoter arrives to kindly show us our dinner. Great scene.

Milford T is supporting us this evening. Look her up, she plays some crazy, obscure, pop tunes that are surprisingly catchy.

We play a good show to a receptive crowd. Cries of ‘more’ are heeded. The sound guy from earlier has gone home sick, so another dude takes over. He is super into our tunes- but goes a little mad with the reverb. Good on him.

We were to be staying at the owner of the bar’s place. But her kids had chicken pox and we weren’t sure if we had had them, so we end up sleeping in the bar. Party on…

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