Sunday, 17 August 2008

Je suis tres fatigue…Day 1 of "wishing bliss" Euro tour.

Please don’t waste. I’ve lived by this maxim fervently ever since I witnessed a dude, tripping on acid, at 8am around a bonfire chanting it to the beat of 10 stoned blowouts. It was profound at the time and continued to be. I would unleash it upon anyone about to leave the table without licking their plate.

So it was with this mantra repeating in my head that I continued to take full advantage of the bathtubs full of free beer and the tables lined with free ale and the free energy drinks when everyone else had wisely said ‘that’s enough’. Ungrateful wasters. I filled my pockets with more beer and contined ‘home’ at 7.30am (this has all been regaled to me… though I’ve pieced things together from some of the pics-see below-) to move out of our room and go on tour to Europe for two weeks at 10am. Thank fully Kable (Morale Enhancer/ Sonic Advisor/ Driver) and Eli managed to get things in order. I eventually found myself in the kitchen of our house at 9am. Still cranking the tux and in a fine mood. The ball had been a great scene (Supergrass, British Sea Power, a Choir, free booze & food) and those pangs of hungover regret had yet to arrive…

With the van packed and Joe inside, having collected his brand new passport, the party continued! Sleep when you’re dead... We drove to London, to collect Ian, and then to Paris. George & Lucie kindly put us up for the night in their sweet as apartment. We arrived around midnight to beer, food and warm smiles. They did much to alleviate the fragility of my being, but the anxious twitches and echoing words would linger for a few days yet…

7.37am. Faces have been blured to disassociate good citizens from others. (that's a pint of ale in one hand & an energy drink in the other)

Onward to France!

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