Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Our new van....& first London show...


so we bought a van to mission round europe. We hope it shall last... We believe it will. Our previous luck with vans has been bad, but that should not contribute to the probability of this van breaking down. It seems like a great scene...

Here it is:

Pretty mean aye?

Our First London show>>: In Camberwell at the Red Star...Good times. Not the sound setup all musicians would hope for... but poorly paid professionalism pulled through. The night turned a little debaucherous at one or two moments. Thankfully we can't recall those too well.

A glorious evening though...thanks to Martin & the rest of the Ceremony crew... & Tony the sound guy...& kids love lies...

Next show: http://www.myspace.com/urbantramper

We will be posting another audio postcard ASAP.

Best wishes.

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